Missing Boost.

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This past Sunday, I helped a follow DSMer replace his 1g BOV back (had a TurboXS vented) on his car as well as install a EVO III Exhaust Manifold and 02 housing. After we were done, I was allowed the honors of taking it on a test run. It has been a few years since, I've been in a DSM that was running really good. Boy, do I miss boost! The thrill of full throttle boost made me want to get my car running again. But I am a family man now. The talon is low on the priority list. So it sits and waits for love. Just sits and waits.


Hey! That was me! lol Smokey and I thank you. Can't wait to throw in a 16g. That was a good night huh? Other than the manifold being a pain to "grind" on the side haha.