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Recently I have been flooding my mind with fantasy of Racing. Not street racing, competition track racing. Most of the time it has been thoughts of Rally Racing. Though I am also tempted by the high horsepower numbers from drag racing and the fun I had Road racing. I was on the fence. Well, just recently I found that there is a RallyX league her in DC. I like to play dirty so this looks like my goal. I'm aiming to finish my car and have it ready to compete next season. But considering the money situation that is not likely. It's nice to have a goal. So there you have it.

By Febuary 24th, I will have a car capable of competeing in RallyX.


I like the rally type events. When you enter your first rallycross, be sure to have somebody recording it.

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I like the choice you made. Although I don't have any first hand experience Rally just seems like it would be really exciting and challenging to do. I read that it is actually rallycross, shouldn't that equal less broken parts? Maybe this type of racing is affordable...meh I doubt it. :)

Definately record it when you get there.


dude we have the same fantasy but i wanna road race... do your thing and if u can keep ## goal...i know life happens but u gotta stay focused... i'm still trying to save up the money to get my car and drive it back to ohio from my friends house in tampa, fl... got it really cheap so i'm not going to pass it up and when i say cheap i mean 2800 for a built car w/ no issues... but stay focused and do the damn thing... must record!!